A new lifestyle perspective has arrived in Tagaytay - a synergistic mix that professes to augment one's mind, body and soul in one development... an embodiment of the true concept of community. This is the La Bella lifestyle.


The first of its kind mixed-use residential development in the country, we feature a holistic village, fully furnished affordable condominium units, health and wellness centers, and leisure living.


La Bella Residences

Your dream of having your own vacation home is right at your fingertips. Fully furnished...

La Bella Boutique Hotel

Be inspired and harness the germinating seed of creative ideas. Feast your eyes with beauty...

La Bella Lifestyle Homes

Tell us the story of your life so we may best in the wisdom of...
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La Bella Gardens

Single-Detached Residential Cottages Single-detached residential cottages inside a gated community in the La Bella Estate...


We provide you with a beautiful pallet of environmental colors that will bring out your inner creativity.

Wellness Center

La Bella’s vision is to promote a healthy lifestyle through its Health and Wellness Centers. These will have medical doctors practicing alternative and complementary medicine.

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Kids’ Hub

The Kids’ Hub is a safe, unique, and interactive environment where children can discover, explore, and learn about many real life activities – in a kid-sized

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The Gallery

The Gallery serves as an educational, scientific and cultural place in preserving the various permanent national collections featuring the ethnographic, anthropological, archaeological and visual artistry of

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Village Market

The Village Market displays the best that the Philippines can offer – local organic food and wellness products, fashion wear and accessories, furniture, collectible items,

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Cluster - 7
Commercial Area

La Bella will provide you with a beautiful pallet of environmental colors that will bring out your inner creativity. Let the brilliance inside you always

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La Bella Tagaytay: A Holistic Village Approach



To be the best tourist destination and lifestyle vicinity for everyone who wants to enjoy life to the fullest.

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Havens for Book Lovers (Featuring: BODHI Mind and Body Shop)


This year’s Pinoy Book Stop Tour, spearheaded by the National Book Development Board (NBDB), was held on April 7-8 and visited various locations in Metro Manila, Tagaytay, and Laguna.

Although condensed in two days compared to last year’s three, the 2017 Pinoy Book Stop Tour was able to visit six venues in areas around Metro Manila. The tour gathered 15 participants, excluding the walk-ins at every stop.

Activities were held in each book stop — talks on books, poetry readings, and musical performances — to promote excellent local titles, particularly the recent winners of the National Book Awards and the National Children’s Book Awards. The roster of speakers included Isabela Banzon, Rosa May Bayuga, MJ Tumamac, Ergoe Tinio, Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo, Chuckberry Pascual, Marne Kilates, Amy Uy, Jenny B. Orillos, Gerry Alanguilan, Ericson Acosta, Enrique Villasis, and Joselito delos Reyes.

By the end of the second day, almost everyone was carrying bags full of newly purchased and signed books on the way home.


While its name may sound like a spa cum clinic, Bodhi Mind and Body Shop is a two-story shop filled with books on life and all its aspects.

The shop’s owner, 71-year-old Grace Eleazar, told BusinessWorld that her goal was to share her specialized 40-year-old book collection with the public. The topics range from the mind and consciousness, philosophy, religion, mind and body interaction, and the needs of the body both internally and externally.

“These are books on the nature of reality and how to use our mind and consciousness in order to have a better life and a better world,” she said. “This is a bookstore on life itself.”

Aside from the bookstore, Bodhi has a separate store for health and wellness products and a cozy roof deck for those who want to wind down.

For more information, contact La Bella Tagaytay head office at (02) 656-8669 local 107.

Source: Business World Online by Camille Anne M. Arcilla

Book-bound, Pinoy-style


It wasn’t your usual bus ride. For one, the passengers argued over which translations were better for classic novel titles, until the conversation naturally evolved to a convergence of ideas about philosophy and ethics.

Others indulged you with the stories of their tattoos based on the stories they have read. Most chose to read in silence as the bus chased the sunset.

 When the author talks and bookstore tours were over, the participants convened on their own. They downed a couple of beers at Session Road when night came, and even sipped the best coffee Baguio had to offer at Burnham Park in the morning—all in between their talks of the books on their list, books they just bought, and books they have yet to write.

This was in 2016, when the National Book Development Board (NBDB) launched the Pinoy Bookstore Tour in celebration of National Literature Month. The tour started in Quezon City and went to Baguio City, visiting six bookstores.

Book tour rerun

It was a project that most of its participants wished would have a rerun. Now called the Pinoy Book Stop Tour, the bibliophile’s dream field trip continues.

Slated to happen on April 7-8, NBDB’s book tour will continue to feature independent bookstores. The board has also included university libraries and campus-based bookstores, as well as book museums located within and south of Metro Manila to continue their show of support for the growing community of independent bookshops, publishers and readers.

The tour will visit the Marikina Book Museum cum Ethnology Center, Quezon City Public Library and University of Santo Tomas Publishing House Bookstore on the first day.

The second day heads south to Bodhi Mind and Body Shop in Tagaytay City, then journeys to Laguna to see the Komikero Komiks Museum, Books, Crafts and Coffeeshop and the DepEd Laguna Library Hub.

There will be book talks to be facilitated by the National Book Awards winners, poetry readings and musical performances during the tour. Walk-in participants are welcome at every book stop.

By: – Writer / Editorial Production Assistant
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La Bella Tagaytay’s Organic and Art Market


Join us for another fun, healthy and art-filled day!

La Bella Tagaytay’s Organic and Art Market
Happening on Saturday, April 29, 2017
10AM – 5PM

It is also La Bella’s Open House
and avail of discounts for Reservations
on the La Bella Boutique Hotel, Residences
and Lifestyle Homes.

Commercial spaces for sale for a convenience store,
deli, bakery and more restaurants.

Available Village Market stalls for organic, healthy veggies and
fruits as well as retail items.

Be a part of the growing La Bella community!


Pinoy Book Stop Tour Featuring BODHI Mind and Body Shop


In celebration of the National Literature Month or Buwan ng Panitikan

The National Book Development Board (NBDB)
in cooperation with the
National Commission on Culture and Arts (NCCA)
and Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino(KWF)

invites everyone to a gathering
of writers, authors, bloggers, book enthusiasts


featuring one of its stops in the South

BODHI Mind and Body Shop

10:00 AM Saturday, April 8, 2017
La Bella Tagaytay
Brgy. Neogan, Tagaytay City


Residences: Latest Lobby Photos


Here are the latest photos of the La Bella Residences’ Lobby area.

21 Romantic Restaurant Getaways in Tagaytay


El Cocinero by Chef Arnaldo – La Bella Residences

El Cocinero is a homegrown Spanish restaurant tucked away inside the La Bella Residences development, offering a fresh and lush scenery that’s a welcome sight compared to the commercialized streets of Tagaytay. It is owned by Chef Arnaldo Limeta who trained in Ibiza, Spain for more than ten years. Read our full feature here.

Photo from @joshuavgarcia

Photo from @rashisalariosa


BODHI: A One-Stop Shop for Mind and Body in La Bella Tagaytay

05 - bodhi

Everyone is always on the go in Manila and we rarely pump the breaks to smell the flowers and just enjoy the things that take our breath away.

yoga myslim

One important reason why I love doing Yoga is the flexibility for me to rethink and reassess life. It prevents me from going postal! 🙂

However, drastic change of lifestyle like deciding to work from home is a life-changing event. It’s not something you can decide overnight. It’s basically, modifying your lifestyle that will affect you and the people around you.

bodhi shop

Most often than not, reading a book is the fastest and effective way to keep me sane.

According to studies, while working from home sounds ideal and can alleviate other problems such as commuting, money, among other things, it could intensify mental and physical stress, which I absolutely agree.

Luckily, there are one-stop shops/places that are perfect for retreat and enlightenment in Tagaytay City.

Therefore, a trip to a library would suffice. As fate would have it, I found a gem of a public library in Tagaytay!

Almost a thousand books from the personal collection of the owner are available on hand. Some were donated by her close friends which account for the variety of topics in this unusual library. There are rare books whose original publication dates back to the 1900s, thus making it an Antiquarian bookstore.

This public library is located inside La Bella properties in Tagaytay called BODHI Mind & Body Shop.

BODHI Mind and body Tagaytay

The word Bodhi is derived from the name of a tree, Bodhi Tree where Gautama Siddharta, now known as Buddha, had his “enlightenment”. This important value in life is the essence of Bodhi Shop, the newest shop for the mind and body in Tagaytay.

The bookshop is located on the second floor along with some artworks painted by different artists.

BODHI tagaytay shop

Essentially, Bodhi Shop attracts those who seek an easier pathway towards their time travel to their inner selves to find the perfection inherent in all human souls.

bodhi shop-side

They sell these items that are perfect for meditation. The picture on the left side is an oil you could use to ease chest or heart pains while the other one is a spray for meditation use.

bodhi shop tagaytay

Some popular items such as soaps made of pure essential oils, blended with goat’s milk and combined with herbs like fennel, cedar, patchouli, poppyseed, charcoal, and vinegar (which turns your body alkaline) are also available here.

Furthermore, you will also find nutritional foods – organic, raw, gluten-free and non-GMO superfoods -that you can sprinkle on cereals, ice cream or any food that lack the minerals, hormones, and enzymes needed for vitality and longevity.

bodhi shop

Gluten free items, along with cutting carbohydrates, and having an active lifestyle, help some people lose weight.

Admittedly, I rarely have my me-time or read a book to keep me sane. In fact, I don’t even know the meaning of “sane” anymore! Nonetheless, I need to go out and discover places such as this to save my sanity.

Now that I have a family of my own, my perspective of enlightenment has changed. I am now more generous with time and I make sure I am present, although, I work from home.

Ultimately, Bodhi Mind & Body Shop is a solemn and relaxing place for anyone who needs serenity and be enlightened.

El Cocinero: Conquering Spanish Cuisine right in our own backyard


Uncover the secrets of this hidden Tagaytay restaurant.

The phrase, “tara, Tagaytay!” has led most of us to the famous getaway spot even on the most unexpected days. It’s a good thing that more new restaurants are popping up in the area so we’ll never run out of choices.

El Cocinero by Chef Arnaldo

El Cocinero is a homegrown Spanish restaurant tucked away inside the La Bella Residences development, offering a fresh and lush scenery that’s a welcome sight compared to the commercialized streets of Tagaytay. It is owned by Chef Arnaldo Limeta who trained in Ibiza, Spain for more than ten years.

Photo from @beysiongco

Photo from @beysiongco

Photo from @shabbygail
Fun fact: El Cocinero has a bunch of trees just sprouting THROUGH the structure because the developer prohibited the cutting of trees when it was being built.

This garden-inspired restaurant is also an artist’s haven as El Cocinero’s two-storey building’s lush interiors are complemented by reprinted Picasso paintings.

Photo from @chefrheasycip

Photo from @shabbygail

Photo from @shabbygail

El Cocinero serves authentic Spanish favorites like tapas, grilled seafood, pasta plates, and their famous El Cocinero Paella and Paella Negra. Indulge in other Spanish dishes like gambas, montaditos, and their special Pescado Al Horno (baked fish). Their paellas are topped with fresh seafood and is served the traditional way–with a crusty layer of rice underneath all that steaming layers of savory goodness.

Booky Tip: An order of their hefty paellas can take up to 30-45 mins to cook, you can can call in your orders in advance so you won't have to wait that long.

The El Cocinero Paella | Photo from @rashisalariosa

Photo from @haveyoumetallen

Paella Negra | Photo from @onefinepinoyboy
Insider Tip: Order their special Rollo Pacenta de Asada (boneless pork roll) at least a day in advance. This cochinillo/porchetta/lechon hybrid weighs a whopping 5 kilos!


Didn’t find your favorite Spanish dish on their menu? You can ask Chef Arnaldo to cook something similar for you, just call in advance. This is El Cocinero’s second branch, after its first one in Nasugbu.